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Mandated Reporter Online Training for Facilities

Certain people in Wisconsin are required either by the state statutes or by an executive order of the governor to report suspected child abuse and neglect. There is a system in place — child protective services and law enforcement agencies, tribal services, community treatment and support services, foster care and the court system — to intervene on behalf of children who may be abused or neglected and to secure their safety.

In order for this system to function, however, someone must first identify and refer the children who might be in need of protection. That is the role of mandated reporters. 

Created in cooperation with:

Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System UW-Madison Division of Continuing Studies UW-Madison DoIT Academic Technology | Professional Technical Education

What will I learn?

  • My legal responsibilities as a mandated reporter
  • The types of child abuse and neglect and their definitions
  • How to recognize child abuse and neglect
  • How and where to make a report
  • What happens after you make a report
  • The protections for a reporter under the law

How long will it take?

It should take most learners about 60 to 75 minutes to complete the core of the training. You have opportunities throughout the training to access additional useful information; this optional material will add to the training time.

Does the training include audio?

Yes, this course contains audio content — please have your speakers or headphones ready.

What are some terms I should know?

Mandated Reporter
A person who is required by Chapter 48 of the Wisconsin Statutes or Executive Order 54 to report suspected child maltreatment.
“Maltreatment” refers to child abuse, child neglect, and threatened child abuse or neglect.
A person who abuses or neglects a child, or who threatens a child with abuse or neglect.
“CPS” is an abbreviation for “Child Protective Services.” CPS is part of a county human services or social services department (or, in Milwaukee, the Division of Milwaukee Child Protective Services). CPS works with others in the community to receive and assess reports of possible child maltreatment, take action to protect the children, and provide services to the children and their families.
Child or Youth:
These terms are used interchangeably throughout this training to refer to anyone under the age of 18.